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Item # 2000E - Price $6450.00

Superarm in Action! Superarm in Action!The Superarm is the most unique lift system available on the market today.

One of the biggest problems with van lifts is that they are always in the way, blocking the windows and other people from getting in and out. With the SuperArm Lift 2000, no doorways are blocked, no platform, no hydraulics, it is all electric. 

Designed by the disabled, quick, simple, safe, reliable and dependable in all types of weather. 

It is compact in size. Less parking space is needed because you don't require space to first fold out a platform and then have room to wheel off the end. It sets you down right beside the van. 

The SuperArm Lift is also the quietest lift made. The installation of this lift is easy and fast, a qualified installer can install it in approximately three to four hours. The lift is powered by the van's electrical system so no extra battery is needed. It has a low amp Ĺ hp motor that drives the gear, which operates the arm. 

Each lift comes with 1-inch wide mountain climber type webbing straps. The straps are inconspicuous and comfortable. This webbing material has been tested at over 1000 lbs. The webbing will allow your chair to tip slightly back, giving head clearance as you pass through the door. You are fully secured while loading and unloading. (Lift capacity 600 lbs.) 

There are switches on the arm that travel with the person so that they can easily load and unload themselves or can be operated by an attendant. There is an additional option of a hand/lap held switch available. 

With the SuperArm lift users can modify their vehicle to their needs rather than the requirements of their mobility equipment. Many users feel that the SuperArm lift has completely revolutionized the way they approach mobility and their vehicle.

Features Benefits
∑ Compact lift body 6Ē wide Arm 3 Ĺ ď wide ∑ Doesnít block windows or doorway
∑ No Platform ∑ Leaves doorway open
∑ Minimal modification to vehicle ∑ Protect resale value of your vehicle
∑ Runs off vehicle battery ∑ No extra battery needed
∑ Lift is rated at 600 lbs ∑ Will lift most chairs, electrics & scooters
∑ Exceeds V.A. Standards ∑ Financial aid available through some organizations.
∑ All Electric-Low Amperage ∑ Less drain on your electrical system
∑ Requires loading space the size of the wheelchair ∑ Less parking space needed
∑ Convert vehicle to fit your needs, not the lift's ∑ Less money for purchase
∑ Designed - by the disabled ∑ Safe, Simple, & Reliable
∑ No hydraulics ∑ Dependable in all weather No leaks or freeze ups
∑ 3 year warranty (5 year limited) ∑ 40+ years of service & standing behind our products
∑ Manual crank down on the motor ∑ Back up feature
∑ Models available for vans-Motorhomes- Bus style basement model motorhomes. (9Ĺ ď body+3Ĺ ďarm) ∑ Fits all year makes and models of standard size vans, and some minivans and motorhomes.

General SuperArm Requirements for all models:
∑ Available door entry must be at least 3 Ĺ inches wider than your wheelchair at its widest point
∑ Rider must be able to sit upright inside the vehicle with a minimum of 1-inch headroom.
∑ Most chairs will work, however chairs cannot exceed 39 Ĺ inches long.
∑ If you have a scooter, please let us know the type and length and we will let you know the requirements.
∑ Child Inserts or oxygen tanks on the back of the chair can cause balance problems. Please let us know the specific type of chair and van type that you intend to use and we will let you know the feasibility of SuperArm use.

The SuperArm Van lift #2000
∑ Ground to floor height of 33 inches or less
∑ Lift requires 6 inches of mount space on the wall inside the door on either the left or right hand side.
∑ Door width must be 3 Ĺ inches wider than the wheelchair you will be using at its widest point.


Donít buy equipment tailored to the dealerís bottom line. Buy the equipment that fits your needs. You have the right to get the equipment you want and need.

Most Customers donít need a bulky platform lift and all the expensive modification to their vehicle. With the SUPERARM there are no major modifications to your vehicle. Our lift also takes up less parking space, because you donít need the extra room to roll off the end of a platform. Electric door openers may be used with our lift for those who need them, but remember, is not required for the operation of the lift.

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