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 "Stage 1" Cushion Overlay System

w/ Removable Waterproof Cover

CCPM Technology

We designed this overlay cushion to meet the needs of many people who are having problems with pain and perhaps minor skin breakdown, but are not immobilized to the point of needing a custom built system.

The stage 1 is made in two different models to best meet the needs of most people.
This cushion is furnished in light grey breathable fabric that is treated to resist soil and stains, and is long lasting in service.

The bottom side of the overlay cushion is a cling type of material designed to stay where you put it but not use any tie-down or material that might stain the chair you are sitting in.

Stage 1 batteries have a predicted life of over 500 recharges in this application. That's several years of constant use!

New for 2007!
Recharging the unit takes only 1.5 hours using the supplied Smart Charger that automatically fast charges the batteries and then goes to a trickle charge so you don't ever have to worry about overcharging.

The stage 1 pump pack is powered by Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries which will run the unit for 48 hours on one charge! Battery condition indicators are clearly visible through the clear vinyl plastic case that protects the pump from things like spilt coffee and food particles.

"Stage 1" 
"Stage 1 Waterproof" with removable cover (if incontinence or soiling is a problem)
The Stage 1 Cushion Overlay System is the most recent addition to the Alternating Pressure Cushion product line.

Now, all the benefits of the famous CCPM Alternating Pressure Technology at the price of an uncomfortable non-moving static cushion!

  • Proven pressure sore prevention
  • Provides "no drug" relief from seating pain
  • Can be used anywhere you sit!

Stage 1 is designed specifically to prevent pressure sores and to relieve pain common to people with MS, MD, ALS and similar problems. Stage 1 is also very appropriate for some people with spinal cord injuries.

The cushion overlay system is primarily intended to be used on top of a "static" wheelchair cushion. The Stage 1 can be used on a recliner, automobile seat, or airline seat. Stage 1 is placed over your regular cushion, which provides the cushioning base. The overlay provides the same "Active Massage" alternating pressure that our higher priced cushions have proven to be so effective to combat pressure sores and seating pain.

Stage 1 is particularly useful for older people with age related mobility problems. The "Active Massage" Alternating Pressure action insures good blood flow to keep soft tissue healthy and greatly increases comfort for people who are not able to reposition themselves in their chair.

This has proven to be a great aid in relieving caregiver workload in both home care and institutional care situations. The Stage 1 assures good soft tissue health for the user and also makes sitting for prolonged periods much more comfortable. The user's quality of life is much improved!

The computer driven pump system rearranges the pressure pattern under the seated user every 3 minutes, and will run 48 hours on its rechargeable batteries. Recharging only takes 2 hours. Battery voltage indicator lights on the unit constantly monitor battery condition and indicate amount of charge remaining. The charger is supplied with the unit.

We are the developer of the patented
CCPM Technology
Computer Controlled Pressure Management)

Designed to prevent pressure sores and enable healing by natural means

Overlay Cushion:
Size: 18" x 18" - the attractive cover is designed to fit virtually any chair or seat. The top of the cushion is quilted and padded and the bottom surface is a non-skid material that clings to the supporting surface like glue, but leaves no marking or residue. The cover is shaped as seen in the photo and fits almost all common seats. Color is grey.
Optional Cover:
18" x 18" square cover as shown is waterproof, removable and washable. This cover is recommended if incontinence or soiling is anticipated.
1 year on operating system

These units are in stock and available for shipment the same day ordered!

Please note: we do not recommend the Stage 1 for quads, or anyone who does not have feeling in the buttocks. The Stage 1 system does not have built in warning systems as our more advanced systems do. Monitoring of the system is limited to battery condition only.