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Item # HPSS - Price $5500.00

     The Hy~Gina Portable Personal showering system is designed to assist the disabled and infirm to maintain personal cleanliness in any environment. The Hy~Gina system allows total personal care for individuals confined to a wheelchair or persons who have a physical impairment restricting use ofshower-cld.jpg (9293 bytes) standard tubs or showers.  The Hy~Gina showering system is designed for use in the private home, institution, college dormitory, hotel, hospital or care facility.The showering system is easily moved to the user rather than moving the patient to the bathroom. The Hy~Gina will pass through the same opening as a wheelchair and is easily moved by one person over carpet or hard floors. The Hy~Gina may be moved to the bedside, the water connections made to the bath and the user easily transferred to the showering system with much less movement and stress than moving the patient to the bathroom.

   The Hy~Gina Personal showering system is designed and developed specifically for the disabled to receive vital hygienic care.The Hy~Gina is at wheelchair height to allow moving from the wheelchair to the shower chair in safety without strain, lifting or hoisting.The design of the Hy~Gina reduces the instances of accidents, back injury, stress and trauma often associated with other showering facilities. Assistance is easily provided and the care companion remains outside the cabinet while maintaining control over the shower system and access to the user. The Hy~Gina may be stored in a corner of the room, moved to the bedside or chairside for use and returned to the corner for easy and unobtrusive storage.

    The user maintains personal dignity by being able to properly care for themselves with little help from a companion. The personal showering system provides an enclosed cabinet which allows proper cleansing in semi-privacy. The stress and embarrassment associated with the usual personal cleansing methods is reduced and the user more readily accepts the steps to proper personal care.

Ease of Entry
    The user may position the chair at the cabinet side then transfer onto the bench or directly onto the inside seat. The wheelchair and the bench remain in place for easy exit. The user may also enter the shower from the front of the cabinet. The wrap around door closes the front and the side providing a water-tight enclosure and privacy for the user. shower-open.jpg (8497 bytes)

Ease of Connection
    The Hy~Gina Care showering system may be attached to any sink by use of supplied connections or a  diverter valve on the shower head or tub spout. Extended hoses allow bedside use with soiled water draining into a sink or tub. A small U.L. listed pump is installed to assist in draining the unit.

Power seat - Ease of seating   
    The seat moves into proper position by touch control easily reached by the user or a companion. The touch control moves the seat into proper position with the wheelchair and the bench. When safely seated, the seat moves into shower position by the touch control. After showering the touch control slowly moves the seat back to exit position.

 Ease of  Use and Control
    Total body cleansing is provided by adjustable water outlets, positioned to provide coverage in a criss-cross pattern for cleansing and the therapeutic benefits of showering. Outlets adjust for selective directional flow. A hand held shampoo wand for care of the scalp and hair complements the many water outlets for total body care. Controls for the water-powered seat, wrap-around door, shampoo wand, showering, perineal care and temperature are located for easy access by the user or a care companion. Easy to use levers operate for many functions of the showering system either individually or at the same time. The controls are identified by easy to read labels. Hy~Gina Care users are not seated in used or soiled water. The care companion does not have to place hands in soiled water.

Perineal Care
    A unique device mounted under the seat, away from body contact, gives an upward flow of clean, temperature controlled water for cleansing and care of the perineal area. The user controls the flow of the water. The seat is designed for ease of manual care.

Safe to Use and Comfortable
    Hy~Gina Care Showering Systems are designed and engineered with user safety as our primary goal. Sturdy cabinet construction, locking casters, built-in safety factors on the water-powered seat, ample space for feet and legs, a thermostatic valve to regulate temperature of the incoming direct hot and cold water.

Attractive and Sanitary
    The soft ivory color of the Hy~Gina system blends and compliments any decor. The high gloss finish does not need any special polishing. There are no areas for soiled water to accumulate and cause odor or bacteria growth. The small U.L. listed pump assures cabinet is completely drained.

    Hy~Gina Care is :

  1. Economical to purchase and use
  2. Eliminates costly remodeling and renovation
  3. Provides showering for the wheelchair user or disabled:
  • in the home
  • while a guest at a hotel
  • as a residential student
  • in a care facility