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G-5 "Active Massage" Seating System

Price:  $1795.00 with one year unconditional warranty

  1. The G-5 system runs longer on a charge - 70 to 80 hours.
  2. Has reserve time after "recharge now" - 12 to 20 hours.
  3. Patented Computer Controlled Pressure Management.
  4. Custom built cushion. Sized to fit your chair and shaped by an expert to fit your anatomy, for the best pressure distribution.
  5. Super small pump pack - 10" x 4 1/2" x 2" - weight: 2.2 lbs.
  6. Very quiet operation.
  7. Nickel hydride batteries - life expectancy 7 years.
  8. Extra length air hoses to allow placement anywhere on wheelchair.
  9. Full factory support just a toll free call away.
  10. Backed by one year 100% warranty on complete system.
  11. All of the above features are standard equipment - nothing else to buy!
  12. Optional auxiliary cord to run on auto cigarette lighter 12Vdc input.

We  began producing the G-5 seating system in 2003. Since then, the G-5 system has become the best selling alternating pressure cushion in the industry.

The G-5 system runs longer on a charge, 70 to 80 hours, with 12 to 20 hours reserve operating time after the visual and audio warnings alert you that it's time to recharge. Hundreds of people with various types of disabilities are now using the G-5 system. Many of these people are now pressure sore free for the first time in years. They are living active lives without the constant threat of pressure sores.

Price:  $1795.00 with one year unconditional warranty
CCPM Technology 
The G-5 system includes a brand new custom made cushion, made to fit your chair and your anatomy, based on a questionnaire designed to gather this vital information from you or your caregiver.

The G-5 system is priced far below other maker's systems, yet has more advanced technology and a patented operating system that is very reliable in service. You could spend thousands of dollars more, but could not equal the advanced features that are standard on the G-5 system.

We are the developer of the patented
CCPM Technology
Computer Controlled Pressure Management)

Designed to prevent pressure sores and enable healing by natural means