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G-100+ Seating System
$2295.00  with 2 year warranty

The new G-100+ pump module is housed in its protective pouch (left photo, rear). Total module size is 10" x 4 1/2" x 2" and weighs only 2.2 lbs. This unit powers the custom built cushion for 100+ hours between charges with the solid state charger shown above (right photo, on manual). The life of the nickel metal hydride batteries used is expected to be at least 7 years. Extra-length air hoses allow pump module placement virtually anywhere on the wheelchair.

Price:  $2295.00  with 2 year warranty
CCPM Technology 

The G-100+ is our finest and most advanced system! Operating 100 hours plus running time on one charge, with a 20 hour reserve time after the "recharge now" light comes on. The G-100+ unit has an audible warning "BEEP" once every 1/2 hour when running on "reserve time", so that the user is notified when the system needs recharging 20 hours before the system is completely discharged! The G-100+ system uses nickel metal hydride batteries with a life expectancy of 7 years in this application.

Charging takes less than 2 hours and is very user friendly. Plug the charger into the wall socket and place the charger output plug into the pump socket. Put the switch in the "charge" position. The charger is solid state, and charging is completely computer controlled and a white light will blink during charging cycle. When the charging process is complete, the charging unit will automatically turn off.



The G-100+ cushion is custom built to fit both the user's chair and user's anatomy. Variables such as height, weight, pelvic obliquities, and amputations are factored in to the shape of the butt cup, allowing the cushion to distribute the pressure loading evenly. The patented CCPM Technology "Active Massage" alternating pressure system changes the pressure distribution every 4 minutes to effectively improve circulation to the soft tissue under seating pressure.

Note: The G-100+ seating system is the culmination of 8 years experience providing alternating pressure cushioning systems to hundreds of people in wheelchairs. We have listened to their comments and constantly improved our products. The G-100+ system is the result!

Regardless of how much money you spend, you cannot find another system that will run nearly as long as ours, weigh as little as ours, be more reliable than ours, or have the proven record of satisfied users.

We have hundreds of people with SCI, MS, MD, Parkinsons Disease, ALS and many other mobility impairing diseases who sit on, and would not be without, their EASE cushion.

Any alternating pressure seating system is a major investment in money and in your future wellbeing. You should investigate before you invest. Check us out. You will like what you find!

We are the developer of the patented
CCPM Technology
Computer Controlled Pressure Management)

Designed to prevent pressure sores and enable healing by natural means