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Cushion Comparison Chart


G-100+ G-5 Stage 1
Utilizes CCPM Technology
Battery Life before recharge
100+ hours
plus 20 hr reserve
 70-80 hours plus 20 hr reserve 48 hours
Battery recharge time
Less than
2 hours
 2 hours 2 hours
Cushion is custom fitted to users chair and anatomy
X X One size fits all
Suitable for quads, or anyone without feeling in buttocks
Yes Yes No
Waterproof Cushion Cover
X X optional
Comes with Charger(s)?
Yes Yes Smart Charger
New or Reconditioned
New New New
Length of warranty
2 years 1 year 1 year
$2295 $1795 $495 Cloth

$595 w/waterproof

G-100+ G-5 Stage 1

Below is general information regarding our wheelchair cushions.

The Cushion

We do not have a stock of "off the shelf" cushions. Each of the cushions is custom built and fitted to the wheelchair and user for the best possible pressure relief and soft tissue protection.

The cushion base is constructed from urethane foam with a density matched to your body weight. We build cushions for people with unique requirements, such as amputations, non-symmetrical pelvic structure, fused hip joints etc.

The "ACTIVE MASSAGE" Cushion is not made like any other on the market. Our system uses a "custom built for your anatomy" cushion shaped by experts based on information from you or your therapist supply to us.

Over the custom formed base we install a series of air bladders held in a containment pouch to insure perfect positioning. Over the bladders we place another inch of special foam padding to finish out the cushion. The cover material is waterproof and washable, zippered for easy removal if soiled. Washing in your automatic washer and air-drying takes about two hours.

Operating the cushion

Our cushion and operating system is not "like" any other! Our Computer Controlled Pressure Management system (CCPM Technology) is unique and patented as is our method of using and controlling air. This why the systems run over three times as long as other systems.

If you compare our system with others available, you will find that our power module is absolutely the smallest available at 10 x 5 x 2 and weighting only 2.2 pounds. Using the extended length airline hoses supplied with the unit, the pack can be placed anywhere on the chair.

Our G-5 unit runs 70 to 80 hours on a charge. The newest unit, the G100+ runs over 100 hours between charges! Both the G-5 and the G100+ units feature a "reserve" time of 12 to 20 hours AFTER the normal run time so the unit will never run out of charge unexpectedly. On reserve time a "recharge now" light comes on and an audible warning horn "Beeps" once every half hour to alert you or your caregiver to charge the unit the next time you are out of your chair.

Our "Active Massage" Seating systems are designed to continually protect your bottom from the dangerous effects of prolonged seating pressure. Prolonged pressure is the problem and we provide the movement that is the solution.

We are the developer of the patented
CCPM Technology
Computer Controlled Pressure Management)

Designed to prevent pressure sores and enable healing by natural means.