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Steering Device

#101K Steering Device - $26.00

  • Mounts to one side of steering wheel
  • Allows for easier steering using only one hand
  • Essential when using a hand control!
  • NOT quick release

Accelerator Shield

#103 Accelerator Shield - $120.00

  • Prevents accidental acceleration during leg spasms
  • Provides a convenient place to rest your right foot while using the #104 left foot gas pedal or the #100 - SuperGrade IV Hand Controls!

Left Foot Gas Pedal

#104 - Left Foot Gas Pedal - $280.00

  • Very necessary when right foot use is impossible or limited
  • Floor mount plate only requires 4 screws. Plate remains on floor for quick removal and reinstallation with an allen key.
  • Can be installed in under 15 minutes
  • Can be used with the #103 Accelerator Shield

Park Brake Extension

#105 Park Brake Extension - $90.00

  • For cars with foot operated parking brake
  • Allows you to operate parking brake with your hand

Turn Signal Adapter

#106 Turn Signal Adapter - $80.00

  • Allows turn signals to be used with the right hand
  • Essential accessory when right hand access is necessary
  • Mounts easily with provided tools

Gear Shift Adapter

#107 Turn Signal Adapter - $90.00

All View Mirror

All View rear view mirror - $65.00

Enhances visibility to help prevent car accidents by giving a clearer view to drivers when merging, exiting, making lane changes and backing up. The ALLVIEW mirror is a must have for every driver. Excellent for disabled drivers with limited range of motion or senior drivers for municipal crews, security and Police or professional auto racers and 4X4 enthusiasts
  • Gives drivers a complete and seamless full rear traffic view
  • Easy installation
  • Fits most vehicles
  • Vibration-free
  • Shatter proof
  • All weather